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Selfcare as Your Secret Weapon

Sacred Thirds is a Great Split and fabulous Self-Care, healing wariorress weapon!

Especially in the depth of winter, many people feel the feels of lethargy, depletion, lack of enthusiasm, drained energy or simply tiredness from trying. Its all too easy to spin into this cycle and then stay stuck, yo-yoing from all or nothing mentality. To even begin to think about fixing this we must take responsibility for our part in the story. Taking personal responsibility for ourselves as adults we must decide how do we choose to want to show up and feel? There is no tending others when we ourselves swing on the pendulum from full-on engagement to total wipe-out and back again. To offer energy and support to others we must tend ourselves or, what we are teaching others is simply the repetition of our boom and bust behaviour…which in the long-run serves nobody. To continue showing up our authentic self requires yoga skill-in-action. We must decide what it is we need to maintain ourselves consistently?

Productivity and excellence are the first things to leave when we are in depletion zone. Thats why Self-Care is the ticket to success. Everybody has different priorities in selfcare but the nuts and bolts are the same: nutrition, fitness and exercise, time, hobbies, support, friends and family, sleep, relaxation, connection, community, love…and laughter.

Let’s try dividing our week up into thirds: one third as work, one third for sleep, one third for what you are creating. This final third is all the things listed above for Self-Care. Now let’s visualise its time to create that design. Small changes over a longer period of time is when we move into sustainability. Slot into your calendar or diary days and times to fit in: yoga, walking, fitness, cooking homemade food, seeing friends/family, relaxing, reading, taking baths, indulging your creative senses…

Begin to look at where your thirds ratios are out-of-balance. Is it in the realm of: work, sleep or Self-Care? Create small changes to address this. Make a change with something small and achievable in your personal rhythm so you consistently offer and feel your best. The Self-Care third is critical for consistent well-being. It’s a wonderful thing to master. Less is more. If you consistently regenerate, replenish and nourish yourself the quality of the part of yourself you share with the world increases ten-fold. The old way of flogging yourself to be seen, given credit or strive does not serve anyone, is not loving of yourself or inspiring for others. This is 2018 and a new paradigm is forging through where you matter and Self-Care is not only your key to success but your secret weapon in all areas of your life.

Too often we exhibit negative behaviours which come from being physically and emotionally fatigued, over-stimulated, running on adrenaline or feeling depleted and depressed. This knock-on effect directly jeopardises the very people and things we care the most about.

Learning to balance Self-Care with everything else in our lives is one of the biggest challenges and is also one of the secret weapons for success. Its oh too easy for the creatives to work hard, play hard, stay up late, burn the candle at both ends while expecting creative ideas and healthy success to boom. Many people do not realise this is neither sustainable or inspiring, with  every area of life suffering.

To master the Art of Balance is an exquisite gift to give to yourself, your family, the world. Mindset must change if success in all areas is on the cards. Health and Self-Care is not a luxury it is a necessity, when we crack it the world elevates, inspiration happens, creativity thrives, Self-Love blossoms and we teach everyone else how to up-level life and the good stuff!

Sacred thirds may be your secret weapon to success.