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Yoga for Creativity - Make Your Own Living Spring Wreath

Saturday 2nd March 2024, 1.30 – 5.30pm £55

Let your mind & body relax and your creativity blossom at our Yoga for Creativity and making your very  own Living Spring Wreath Workshop. Mums, daughters, sons, grandmas and grandpas, friends, lovers of the wild, nature, yoga and flowers, all are welcome! An afternoon of connection, love and joy!

All levels including absolute beginner’s welcome!

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.”

We will begin our time together with a gentle yet creative Heart-Opening Practise designed to tap into your inner creative essence. Heart opening practices bring a sense of joy into your body, mind and heart. We will specifically work with the heart chakra energies and the element of air which correlates beautifully with love, creativity, joy and abundance. Expect to feel refreshed, enlivened, creative and free.

During this session Wendy will introduce you to her range of seasonally, wildly foraged and handmade products from her newly launched Wildly Botanica range, connecting you directly with the powers of plant allies for both meditation and accessing your own true nature. Beauty is all around us when we choose to consciously connect with it.

Each attendee will also receive their own botanical spring floral gift to take home.

Next, you will immerse yourself in the natural world as you craft a sustainable and living wreath. Starting from scratch, you’ll weave a willow ring, add a moss base to retain moisture and adorn it with vibrant spring bulbs and flowers. This eco-friendly and compostable wreath is not only stunning but also kind to the environment.

You will be guided through every step, by seasoned florist Catherine and learn the art of creating and layering shape, texture and colours to create a unique wreath.

This wreath is more than just decoration; it’s a symbol of your creativity, a taste of spring’s joy, and a reminder that beauty can be born from your own hands.

You will be able to choose from a variety of materials including rustic twigs, and berries, dried flowers and foliage and fresh foliage and bulbs. Fill your senses with floral scents, beautiful colours and shapes, including elegant seasonal springtime flowers and foliage.

With your newly found creative self you will be guided through how to make a stunning live wreath and given time to create your very own to take home with you.

Finally, we finish the day with Restorative Yoga and Alchemy Crystal Healing Singing Bowls to completely relax, replenish and thoroughly nurture yourself in love, healing and deep soul-shine. During this session your nervous system will totally restore itself with 100% positive side effects.

Your cells will recalibrate to a new optimal and you’ll be ready to bathe in the sublime energies of sound healing. A delicious ending to a delicious day.

Tea and vegan treats included before floating back home. Mothers and children (with Mother’s Day just around the corner – the following weekend!) this is a fabulous gift for each other and a little you-time together! We have loved designing this workshop for you, we look forward to sharing soon! Book now to join us.

Come and celebrate the emergence of spring and leave with a relaxed mind and body, a wildly foraged handmade creation and a beautiful wreath to adorn your home and heart with.

What's included in this workshop.

  • A Heart – Opening Yoga Sequence to tap into your creative potential
  • Guided step-by-step  teachings from a professional florist
  • Professional Live wreath making Demo
  • Your own Live wreath to take home
  • Wildly Foraged and created gift from the Wildly Botanica natural beauty range
  • Restorative Yoga Class
  • Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Journey relaxation
  • Vegan Raw Treats and Tea

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

- Gerard De Nerval

There is a lot to celebrate at this time of year- green shoots of hope appearing, days lengthening, colours emerging why not celebrate with your mother or make a gift for them. No previous experience is necessary, just a love of flowers, yoga and willingness to learn.

Everything you need will be provided.

Living Wreath and Yoga Workshop £55

Saturday 2nd March 2024, 1.30 – 5.30pm