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Dancing with The Light - A Soundscape Journey

Special Guest Jojo, Jamie & Wendy Take You on an Afternoon of Dancing with The Light, Movement Meditation Flows to Handpan Drum & Soundscape Journey with Cocao Ceremony & Wildly Botanica Homemade & Foraged Beauty Products - Saturday 7th Sept 2024, 1 - 5/5.30pm £55

“In sound we are born, in sound we are healed.”


The entire human body down to our DNA is crystalline in structure, helping it to respond and resonate with the extraordinary healing frequencies associated with quartz crystal, handpan drums & soundscape journeys. 


  • Please note, if good weather we will take this workshop into our walled garden with ancient trees, otherwise it will be inside the studio and numbers more limited, book soon!

Special guest Jojo (from Jojo Sounds) Jamie & Wendy invite and guide you on a smooth, harmonic, movement meditation & soundscape healing journey, afternoon, where we literally, Dance with The Light Within!

We’ll begin by sharing meditations with the ancient plant & practice of a Sacred Cocao Ritual. The Cacao used is wild – harvested, organically grown & comes directly from indigenous communities of the Amazon. These ceremonial grade beans will help you drop into the most lucid, medative – states as you flow with the breath to the magical methodical live handpan drums played beautifully by Jamie.

Wendy will prepare you for deep relaxation through breath – initiated movement flows (open to all levels) share a breathwork practice along with mantra & mythical stories to re-awaken you to the deep soul beauty within, to potentially, re-igniting the flame of beauty, abundance & prosperity from the inside – out. A slow heart0-centred practice to move you into a sublime relaxation with Jojo, who will earth  & root you into your body through her exquisite soundscape journeys. The soft sounds emitted from the handpan drum encourage the body to vibrate at the very same frequency as the instrument allowing for great release of energetic and physical tension, deeper relaxation coupled with enhanced healing qualities of floating into spacious silence.

There will be time for teas & cake to chat with friends & try Wendy’s Wildly Botanica handmade & foraged beauty product range, from elixirs, serums, butters, balms, ritual meditation oils & perfumes, face masks, all made from organic and therapeutic grade essential oils, plant allies, healing remedies because ‘herbalism is the gateway drug to activism”. There will be an extra-special discount forproducts for those who join us, this day only.

Back to why sonic sound?

We are in the age of awakening and sonic tools are being used in transformational ways, ancient wisdom and modern application are creating quantum leaps of healing for both the individual self & collective consciousness. Jojo, Jaime & I truly can’t wait to collaborate with each other and bring you  something altogether, extraordinary.

The Science:

Including us, everything on the planet is vibrating a resonant tone, even if you do not hear or feel it. When an organ or body part is healthy this too has a resonance which has a harmonic attunement with the rest of the body. If an organ or body part is experiencing dis-ease this resonance becomes altered and blocked. By amplifying and projecting sound into the blocked or dis-at-eased area correct harmonic patterns are restored, the energy lines and our blood circulation become like rivers flowing easefully towards the ocean once again. Our bodies are made of up to 90% water, we are basically crystalline in structure which means crystals mixed with sound healing have an incredible effect on our bodies because both body and crystals comprise of similar minerals, we are already primed to receive this healing. When working with crystal healing sound bowls profound effects within the organs, tissues, cells of the body as well as the circulatory, endocrine and metabolic systems come back towards optimal vibratory resonance. This is how profound healing may be experienced and shifts within our experiences of our own body and life may improve.


About Jo:

Jo is a qualified sound practitioner, having undergone her training by gong guru Leo Cosenda – With her ever expanding percussion perfusion, Jo believes a sound bath should be a totally submersible experience, so she brings sound, lights and scents to each session to expand the senses.  For anyone new to her sessions, she will say not to judge the experience or hold any expectation, but to come with an open heart, soul and mind, to allow the sounds to wash over and through you.  Jo holds space that helps transport you on your own individual journey of healing through sound.

About Jaime:

Jamie  is now a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher who trained with The Shala in London. As part of his training, he has gained qualifications in Core Studies, Pranayama, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Philosophy, to add to previous qualifications in Rocket, Wheel, and Trapeze Yoga. His inventive and playful style infuses a passion for linking breath and movement and exploring the creativity that Vinyasa flow can bring to traditional Hatha poses. Jamie has further qualified as a Reiki practitioner and uses his wisdom to inform his teachings and connections with his clients.

You may read Jaimie’s full bio here: https://www.alchemiseyogastudio.com/teacher/jamie/

About Wendy:

Wendy is a 500 hour Advanced Senior Yoga teacher & Quantum Sound Healer working specifically with Alchemy Crystal Healing Bowls to create sound journeys of deep rest, healing & transformation. Wendy awakens shakti, (energy) wild hearts, treasured Souls and optimal energy channels of her dedicated students.Wendy’s teachings convey a connection to your true nature & yoga’s beautiful power with love, intelligence and respect.

You may read Wendy’s full bio here: https://www.alchemiseyogastudio.com/studio/about-wendy-loughlan/

Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Deep Rest
  • Improved Energy
  • A reboot of the endocrine system
  • Emotional Release
  • Energy blockages released
  • Greater Self-love
  • Changes in the atomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems
  • Tuning into pure tones played by the crystal bowls through the properties of light, sound and colour allows this spectrum of frequencies to begin their resonating tones of wellbeing and healing to ‘all’ listeners, plants and animals included

Helpful Tips & Contra Indications

  • Stay warmly wrapped during deeper rest
  • You may like to use your own small pillow (props are also provided)
  • Leave your own phones switched off and uncontactable during the sessions
  • Let go and Relax!
  • Be open to receive energy work
  • Pregnant women in their 1st trimester (email us)
  • Heart/cardiovascular conditions including a pacemaker/defib
  • Anybody with metal implants
  • Severe sound/mental health problems may have extra sensitivity to sounds