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Restorative Yoga Workshop

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls – A Soundscape Journey with Wendy Loughlan
Saturday 17th February 2024, 11 – 1.30pm – £32 with discounts a checkout for all members
Wendy invites you to join her for an exquisitely longer crystal singing bowls, replenishing playshop because what if the real flex is a truly calm, safe & relaxed nervous system! You are welcome to bring your own blanket and pillows but the studio can also provide all props, along with an underfloor heating! I invite you to relax, let go and be taken on a soundscape journey within.
We will set intentions, create sacred space, apply and anoint our body & key pulse points to initiate rest with wildly foraged and created essential oil anointing meditation & ritual oil, there’ll be a Silver Birch Tree, guided meditation along with breathing techniques that help release & relax. Then you’ll lay down all snuggled up and receive the magic of the exquisite gemstone sounds of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls sound therapy! We’ll honour the seasons and months of Feb/March, contemplating the ‘beauty of the bud’ and all of its pure potentiality as we clear and cleanse our mind, body and most importantly, spirit, in preparation for the unfurling of ourselves through the seasons in a way that feels the most authentic, loving and real, from within.
Will you join me? I’m super excited for these new offerings!
* Please note there will be minimal and gentle movement  (ten mins only) to open the lungs for breathwork and help you relax more deeply in this workshop – it is mainly laying down or seated*
Picking up a shimmering bowl of light Infused with precious gemstones, minerals & metals. You hear the gentle draw of the mallet around the rim and your body is filled with an exquisite vibration of crystalline sound. Every cell in your body dances and begins to sing. Your mind becomes quiet and still. Your heart begins to soften and open and you remember again, who you are.

” Deep rest is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, it is respect for life.”

–  Adelene Cheong


Treat yourself to this luxury 3-hour workshop of supported restorative yoga and breathing practices, which release tension throughout the entire body, cultivating an energy which centres, soothes and rejuvenates.
The aim of the afternoon is to equip you with the means of tapping back into one’s own inner resource of vitality and wellbeing.  To begin with, you’ll be guided through a gentle yoga flow sequence, which not only relieves stress held within the body but also improves flexibility and circulation.  This will be followed by a carefully-curated sequence of restorative postures, which bring the body into a deeper state of relaxation, as well as calming the mind.  Once the body is relaxed and the mind is quiet, there will be a pranayama practice, which helps to refine the quality of the breath and serves to re-pattern the nervous system at a very deep level.  Our workshop will culminate in a beautifully seasonal guided yoga nidra practice.
There will be time at the end of the session to share herbal tea and our experiences of the workshop together.
About Rona
Rona has been a yoga practitioner for over 30 years and qualified as a yoga teacher with YogaCampus at the Life Centre, London, in 2014.  She has specialist trainings in yoga nidra, restorative yoga and youth mindfulness.
Introduced to yoga whilst in her teens, Rona has found yoga to be an invaluable resource throughout different phases of her life and is passionate about communicating to people that there is a type of yoga for everybody, young and old, at every stage of their life.
Rona specialises in tailoring classes to meet the needs of individuals and adapting poses to accommodate different health conditions.  She embraces a holistic approach to yoga, incorporating physical yoga postures with mindful breathing practices and meditation.  Rona is known for her compassionate approach and is an advocate of the saying that yoga isn’t just what you do on your mat, it’s a way of life!

The breath is the messenger between the body and the mind, as you synch with your breath the dance partner and the dance become one.

- Wendy Loughlan

“Always practice with attention to today’s body, not yesterday’s”

Judith Hanson Lasater


Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga confers a host of benefits, both physically and mentally:
– deeply relaxes the body
– stills a busy mind
– releases muscular tension, improving mobility and flexibility
– improves capacity for healing and balancing
– balances the nervous system
– boosts the immune system
– develops qualities of compassion and understanding toward others and self

Helpful Tips

– Bring socks and a long-sleeved top
– Wear comfortable, cosy layers to keep you warm, especially as the body cools down when in states of deep rest
– Leave your phone switched off during the session
– Open to all – complete beginners as well as experienced practitioners are warmly welcomed
– Relax and enjoy!


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