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Rebecca has a background in health club management and group exercise. She’s been a fitness professional for over 20 years. As a REP’s level 3 advanced Personal Trainer and Pilates Tutor Rebecca is extremely popular and well-liked within the fitness circuit. Her passion for training and teaching is infectious and we’re really excited to introduce her to our timetable and complement our yoga offering.

Rebecca trained with Michael King one of the original UK Pilates founders, she is recognised at the London Institute of Pilates and certified in back care, flex band resistance, pregnancy, intermediate and fit-ball Pilates.

A strong believer in the power of Pilates to have fully functional body for everyday life. She has  seen how Pilates has changed students physically to become stronger & leaner and achieve their full potential.

Rebecca is a full-time tutor for Pilates and indoor cycling where she is currently a Gold level Schwinn Coach and National Presenter. Rebecca is considered a highly regarded member of the indoor cycling community and recognised for her empowering and passionate classes.

We welcome Rebecca to Alchemise Yoga studio.