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Peter started his journey into the world of Yoga, Reiki and Meditation during his travels through India. He began by being attuned to Reiki Levels 1 and 2 in the Usui Tradition. This was then followed by an intensive course into Tantra run by Agama giving a fuller understanding of Tantra Yoga, Chakras, and Energies. On his return to the UK, he began to run regular Meditation groups and offering Reiki treatments. Two years later, he was attuned to his Reiki Masters, allowing a deeper connection to the Reiki Energy.

In October of 2016 Peter studied under the guidance of Nirlipta Tuli, co- founder of Total Yoga Nidra Network to gain a foundation into Yoga Nidra. Peter finished a Meditation course in December 2018, allowing him to share Mindful Meditation and Transcendental Meditation techniques. Peter completed his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha and Vinyasa styles, deepening his knowledge of Pranayama, Mantras and the Philosophy of Yoga. The course also gave insights into Ayurveda, nutrition, healing and rejuvenation in relation to Yoga practice. Peter runs regular Meditation evenings along with Reiki attunements and Men Groups.